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Take the next step...

I know it can be daunting when deciding to take that first step to make some changes in your life. But rest assured, at our initial consultation I will explain in full how Hypnotherapy or Counselling can help you and we'll look at what you want to achieve.

This can lasts between an hour to hour and half.

Hypnotherapy session......

After we discuss what is going on for you and the issues you are facing, i will complete the consultation paperwork and ask you to sign the agreement and then after this i will explain to you how the mind works, including our thought processes, why we do what we do and how hypnotherapy will be used to help. We will discuss what happens during the relaxed hypnotic state and I’ll make sure to answer any questions you may have.

I’ll also give you a free download to listen to at home.

The sessions will last for approximately 50 minutes to an hour. We’ll begin each session by talking together to identify a way forward and review your progress and your goals, giving the session a clear solution focus.

You’ll then relax in a comfortable chair and I’ll talk to you and gently guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state of focused attention to help you in the process of making beneficial changes to achieve your preferred future.

All sessions are positive, respectful and confidential.

Counselling session..............

Your first session

We will begin by talking about what will happen in your therapy sessions and we will discuss the issues you are facing and also what your goals are moving forward, i will complete the consultation paperwork and ask you to sign the agreement and then after i can answer any questions you may have.

i will also take a history of the troubles you are experiencing and ask you to ‘tell your story’ in your words.

we will agree the terms and contract, and how i will provide my services.

These include:
Practical details
We will discuss with you the number and frequency of sessions you will have and how any fees will be paid.
I will also explain what happens if you miss a session or are away on holiday.

Confidentiality and note taking
I will explain how i protect your confidentiality and privacy. I will also tell you of any situations when i may be required to disclose information about you.
I will usually take notes of the sessions for my own professional use. i will do this by handwriting notes during the session.
If i feel i need to record your sessions on tape, i will ask for your permission first.

Your relationship with me as your therapist is very important. To get the best out of the process it’s important that you have confidence in me.
If you have any questions at any point please feel free to ask.

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